Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Flavor Change

The grumpies for staying home for two days, missing work and using up sick days of which i have only a few (due to using them all at the beginning of the year since they only give you THREE days bereavement!) transformed into gratitude that lil' boy isn't seriously ill, and is, in fact, back to his happy, chatty, bouncy boy self + cool stories about the ER and blood draws for his kindergarten friends. AND gratitude that I have a job where I can take a day - or two - off and it's not a huge issue.

Bonus: My daughter loves Michael Franti and his new CD and is downstairs singing "Gloria" as I type.

Note to self: Life is good, don't ever forget it.


I have a few new poems I am working on...in the midst of the re-writing stages. Stay tuned!

PS: I'm at 21000 words, just shy of my goal of 25k by midnight tonight. Frankly I am choosing sleep over a late night writing frenzy.


After three days home with the sick boy I have "the headache."

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The simple things

Yesterday I went for a walk with the annoying little dog.

Walking in the moist redwood groves I watched leaves fall to the road, twirling slowly in the cool air. I smelled horses and redwoods and dirt. I saw berries that were confused by the odd weather we've had and that, because of the few nights of frost, will never ripen.

I wondered why I don't take more short walks into the state park that is literally steps from our door. I wondered why I can go months without walking or riding my bike there.

I realized that the dog wasn't as annoying if she got out into the fresh air for a little sniffing around. She even came face to face with a squirrel and miraculously didn't freak out - barking manically - like she usually does with most things. She certainly perked up and even stood up on her back two feet as the squirrel ran up a tree, but not a peep!

I also realized I wasn't as annoying if I got out into the fresh air for a little exercise and fresh air. Pretty sure I barked less too.

Write simply,

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

that's all?!?

you mean to tell me (or do i mean to tell you?) that on november 7 i had written 10,000 words and now, today, many days later (you do the math, i suck at it) i only have 17,500 words?!?! ah geez.

i coulda been a contendah! i was on my way, i was on pace for success. but no, in the last 2+weeks i have only written another 7500 words. meh.

i do have some handwritten pages i need to get in there, that might kick me up to 20k.

so again, i revise. revise my monthly goal. 25,000 by midnight, november 30 and i will call myself a semi-success. 50,000 by the dawn of 2011 and i'll consider myself a full success. how's that?

in addition, i want to submit to the porter gulch review again (deadline, 12/15) and the central coast writers contest (finalist last year - deadline early january?) and i need to have a couple more mom poems finished for my big reading at the celebration of the muse in march. and, you know, practice the weeping, not sobbing thing.

so there are my writing life goals for the rest of the year.

right living goals? another day, another post. teacher goals? another day, another post. thanksgiving day goals? cook a yummy bird. remember my mom's last holiday with us (last thanksgiving at our house) with honor and love and not too much sadness, if possible.

write on rightly,

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Over 10,000!

Dear Reader,

I have exciting news! I am over 10,000 words into my novel! In one week! Yahoo!

Technically, however, I am behind. [Insert sad, tired, writer face here.] Apparently if I was on schedule I woulda/shoulda/coulda written 11,669 words by midnight tonight to be on target for the 50,000 by midnight November 30. Whatev. It's 10:50 (really, 11:50 - damn time change) and this authoress is going to sleep!

I'm still feeling confident. I mean, really, I have a life here. Full-time job (did you know I spend the hours between 7-5 at work most days, + do school work about an hour each night + spend at least a few, if not a lot, of hours on the weekend dedicated to school work?), two loving kids who actually crave/want/need/desire my full attention, a hubby who would like some attention too, a neglected, smelly, needs her nails clipped doggeroo, and a poetry writing group for which i should think deep thoughts and write poems...not to mention things like friends, other family, bills, laundry, groceries, returning library books, and other essentials.

Damn! Just listing all that shizaam I do makes me feel like SuperWoman or something. I am even more proud of my 10,000 words! And things are just getting interesting in the story...Is it wrong to have a crush on my character's romantic interest? He is kinda hot...

In heat,

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Update: Time Marches On

NaNo Update:
NaNoWriMo began November 1. Did I mention that in order to write the 50,000 words in the month one must average 1667 words a day? No? well, it is true.

Yesterday, over 1700. Today, just over 1000. Still happy. But O.M.G. this is a major challenge. What happens when you get to the point where you have nothing to say? Yikes! I thought I was going to cheat a little at first. You know, just start typing up the novel I already began. But so far that has not been necessary. I am not writing a completely different novel, but it is different in tone to begin with. My main character is different than I imagined her too. I am looking forward to getting to know her better. Considering what I think is in store, I am excited for her!

Simplification Update:
I'm back on the wagon - no shopping this month. No purchasing of un-necessary, un-needed material goods...and let's face it, aren't most of them un-necessary and un-needed? If there is something deemed or believed to be either needed or necessary then I put it on my list for the coming month. When December 1 rolls around I look at the list. Do I still think I need it? Have I been pining away for it all month? If so, I consider it and figure out what I will get rid of (donate, give away, reuse, recycle, sell, etc.) to make room for the new item.

Just trying to slow the consumerism train down just a bit folks...

That's the update. Consciously slowing down, eliminating the unnecessary and un-needed, the extraneous that keeps me from what I really want to do: enjoy my family, practice yoga and meditation and read and write. Well, this month, just write, no read. ;-)

Write Simply,

Monday, November 1, 2010

November First

Hello Dear Reader,

Ahhh, it has been so long. Over 6 weeks?!? Can it be true? I see in my last post (yes, it has been so long I wasn't really sure what I last wrote of) I wrote about recalibrating. Ha! What is the line about the universe (God?) laughing at those who make plans? Somebody was laughing, I am sure, but it wasn't me.

October was a brutal month. I just started to breathe again (by choice - there is always a choice, but more on that later) the last week or two. Obviously I was optimistic mid-September. But then things got hectic and a little overwhelming. There was the one month mark of my mom's death and then her memorial and then the week after the union put on a benefit for her. All wonderful things, with friends and family and all that, but difficult and emotional. The morning after my mom's memorial I looked like I had an allergic reaction to something - my eyes were so puffy and swollen and red.

And then there was the regular life stuff - school/work (the honeymoon ended), hubby was out of town for a week plus, friends were in town helping in unimagineable ways and to deeper depths than I have ever known. So wonderfully amazing and yet, overwhelming too, to be held up like that. And there is more, but you are alive too, so you know how life gets, piles appear, dirt accumulates, lists grow longer and longer and unexpected things happen and feelings emerge and, and, and ... need I tell you? No, you know enough.

So I had to decide to stop the deluge. Did my psychic "end the rain" dance and stood up to the tide. Grounded my feet as best I could and said to the whirling world, "Enough is enough." Guess what? It worked.

So back to the recalibration thing. I am back on vinegar and vanilla - knowing even more the sour of life and the sweet. How necessary both are, and how pungent and fragrant.

I am also back on the yoga mat and the meditation cushion and I am off the TV (now that my guilty pleasures are done for the season I can more easily wean myself from the idiot box time suck machine) and I am also, because I am more than a little bit nuts, signed up for the National Novel Writing Month challenge. 50,000 words by the end of the month and presto! chango! you have the first draft of your novel!

What this means is: I will be here, but my posts will be shorter. Or maybe not, maybe I'll be so juicy from all the writing it will spill over here like an overfilled cup of coffee on its way from the kitchen to your favorite fireside chair on a rainy blustery sunday morning...

Write On,