Monday, December 6, 2010

Puttin' the Wheels Back on the Wagon

just so's I can get back on the wagon m'damn self!

Yes, it's true, my wagon fell apart. Again. The yoga, meditation, eating well, less caffeine, less consuming wagon that could. Fell apart a couple of weeks ago - right before Thanksgiving and all it's abundant bounty. Or before that...maybe the long Veteran's Day weekend? Oh, no, I know when....when I started my 50,000 word quest! THAT's IT! Whew, at least I found something to blame it on. Thanks V&V fans (all 10 of you) for letting me work that all out at your expense.

The good news is - you'll get to read some exciting, energizing, motivational posts over the next few days while I get my mojo back on track.

The bad news is - you'll get to hear about me getting my mojo back on track..again.

I'll try to keep it fresh for ya Babe!

But enough about me, how you doin'? How (where?) is your Mojo? Have you lost it? Is it right there with you? And your wagon - all 4 wheels intact?

Share with us your secrets for staying on track. We need them!

Hard at work,


  1. My mojo seems to be stuck at the bottom of a bottle of Big House Red...One more week then its vaca time...good lord do I need it!!!

  2. You only have one more week? You one lucky daytime Carmelite Sister!

    I'm counting down to the annual silent writing retreat in Big Sur. Happy Birthday to me ~ I leave Friday after work. Ahhhh, a room of one's own in which to write, yoga, meditate and sleeppppp....