Wednesday, May 23, 2012

what is the sound of silence? (rough draft)

what is the sound of silence?

the gentle thumping of one's heart?

the call of the hawk
traveling through clouds and
miles of blue
to nest
in your ear?

the water dripping
off rosebushes
on to the moss
of my heart?

what is the sound of silence
other than
the slipping of your hand
into mine.

the salt
my tears left
on your skin
slowly drying.

what is the sound of silence?

the peace of no more
the promise of possibility
the trailing whisper
of you.


  1. I just read this again...with now recollection of reading it before...and scrolled down to write a comment , which I already wrote last year...
    Yes, there are benefits to a "poor" gives us the opportunity to experience that which we love like it is brand new.
    Over and over and over again. Taht's rich.